Thursday, October 20, 2011

Studies Reveal Ginger Lowers Colon Cancer Risk

Ginger are usually used as a medicine or seasoning. Ginger is a good spice in culinary, when my mother cook kaldereta she used ginger to remove the foul odor of kambing, the main ingredients in kaldereta recipe. We don't know that Ginger has a very good nutritional value and medicinal effects to both humans and animals.

Now the researchers found that taking ginger supplements can reduce inflammation in the intestine that can cause colon cancer.

A previous research in mice shows that ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory drug. This can prevent the formation of tumors when the animals were exposed to chemicals that cause colon cancer.

Study was conducted by asking 30 healthy people to consume 20 grams of powdered ginger or placebo capsules for a month. The chairman of the research, Prof. Suzanna Zick, stated that "The amount is equal to two tablespoons of powdered ginger root. Maybe it's not the average amount of consumption of people every day. But in India, Philippines, China, and Japan, they consume large amounts every day. "

Tissue samples from the participants were taken before and after the research to find chemicals that cause inflammation of the colon.

"Ginger can reduce inflammation in the intestinal tissue,'' said Prof. Zick. "We know that increased inflammation, chronic inflammation in the intestinal tissue injury is strongly associated with pre-cancer, cancer or polyps," he said.

It's time to add ginger to your dish or take a piece of gingerbread. It is known that ginger can fight cancer.


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