Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Secret to Successfully Quit Smoking

The secret to successfully Quit Smoking is to know its content and danger brought to us by smoking.

Thousands of people die each year from cigarette smoking dying 12 years before time. If you want a healthier, longer lasting life, one step to be there is giving up your deadly nicotine habit.

It is not easy to quit smoking quitters take long time to fully quite smoking. A newly discovered, ingenious way to stop smoking is revealed in this article. Read on to learn what the big tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies and therapists around the world don't want you to know.

First you must think about quitting.

Millions of parents still continue to smoke around their children knowing that cigarettes are filled with harmful poisons. Besides the fact that this would be a bad example to children, they still smoke. If the parents smoke most likely their children smoke too when they get older. Chemicals from cigarette smoking linger in the air for hours after a cigarette has been consumed. Even if it can't smell or seen the chemicals stay in the air and poison everyone who inhale it. Children and animals are not exempted from smoke sticks to their fur that they lick clean.

A few of the chemicals added to cigarettes are:

Tar – The same tar used to pave highways. This is the main cause for yellow teeth and fingertips.

Hydrogen Cyanide – This is a chemical used to kill rats. It's also been used in World War 2 as a weapon of mass destruction.

Acetone – This is an ingredient in nail polish remover.

Formaldehyde – This is the stuff used to preserve dead bodies like embalming.

Carbon Monoxide – Car exhaust. Do you really want this in your lungs?

Nicotine –. Chemical addiction. Nicotine has powerful pharmacologic effects (including increased heart rate, heart stroke volume, and oxygen consumption by the heart muscle) as well as powerful psychodynamic effects (such as euphoria, increased alertness, and a sense of relaxation). As is now well known, nicotine is also powerfully addictive.
In reality there are thousands of chemicals found in cigarette smoke, people are inhaling these poisonous chemicals and creating second-hand smoke that is also dangerous for others.
Some facts about smoking:

• Around 5.4 million deaths a year are caused by tobacco.

* Smoking is set to kill 6.5 million people in 2015 and 8.3 million humans in 2030, with the biggest rise in low-and middle-income countries.

* Every 6.5 seconds a current or former smoker dies, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

* An estimated 1.3 billion people are smokers worldwide (WHO).
• Over 443,000 Americans (over 18 percent of all deaths) die because of smoking each year. Secondhand smoke kills about 50,000 of them.

• 1.2 million people in China die because of smoking each year. That's 2,000 people a day.

• Tobacco use will kill 1 billion people in the 21st century if current smoking trends continue.

• 33 percent to 50 percent of all smokers are killed by their habit.

* Smokers die on average 15 years sooner than nonsmokers.

• Between 33 percent and 50 percent of all smokers will die an average of 15 years sooner than nonsmokers, the Tobacco Atlas from the World Lung Foundation and the American Cancer Society believes.

• Around 100 million people died because of tobacco use in the 20th century.

• 10 years of life are robbed from smokers because they die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers. Smoking also steals 10 years of physical functioning in old age (making smokers act really old), according to Live Fast, Die Young, Leave a Good-Looking Corpse by David M. Burns, MD (Archives of Internal Medicine).

• Smoking causes more death and disability than any single disease (World Health Organization).

• A "death clock" now follows the tobacco use death toll since October 1999, just under 40 million and counting. It was set up by the World Health Organization in October 2008.

• 650,000 Europeans die each year from tobacco-related diseases, EU figures reveal.

Now take note on these:

The steps in quitting smoke:

1. Make a list of reasons why you want to become a non smoker.

2. Hang the list on your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder. (The next thing you must do is see yourself never smoking again. Not one cigarette, ever. You must be absolutely serious as you are making a life changing decision on this.)

3. Once you pick the day you choose to start, you must continue to visualize your new life as an ex smoker. (It will be difficult at first).

4. Remove all reminders of cigarettes, ash tray, lighters friends who smoke around you. (Your new action will be researching the effects of cigarettes on the human body.)
5. Use the internet, read some books, look at lots of pictures of lungs and heavy smokers who are using holes in their throats.

It's not easy to break that habit, but not impossible. Lots of people do it every day. You must think, you're going to be changing the chemical in your body and there are some withdrawal effects. In short it is uncomfortable process, to do. Instead of smoking, try to drink lots of bottled water and cranberry juice. Understand why you smoke and what causes you to think about a cigarette. Realize when you’re going through a withdrawal, your body is cleansing itself of nicotine and you are becoming healthier.

What you have read above are tips on how to quit smoking effectively, to have a smoke free life, that you must enjoy for having a healthy life and stay longer.

It is the serious commitment to yourself to stop smoking, that nobody can hold you back is the real solution to stop smoking.

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