Thursday, May 12, 2011

Under arm odor

Most of us become desperate when suffering under arm odor. Under arm odor is caused by bacteria that is present in the skin during perspiration. Another cause is imbalance metabolism that when began to work create strong odors as the body’s way of ridding itself of waste body product.

There are ways how to prevent under arm odor.

1.     Take a bath every day.
2.     Always change clean clothes.
3.     Use medicated soap.
4.     And use some deodorant that is commercially available.
5.     Avoid eating of food that is high content of spices.
6.     Eat fruit and vegetables

There are also Medicinal Plants that is cheap and available to combat body odor.

1. Tawas with Calamansi Juice


1 tablespoon of tawas powder
2 pcs of Calamansi


Mixed the tawas powder and Calamansi juice, used it as deodorant and apply it after taking a bath.

2. Buyo (Betel Leaf Pepper) and Calamansi Juice

Buyo (Betel Leaf Pepper)

Extract Buyo Juice and mixed with Calamansi Juice, used it as deodorant and apply it after taking a bath.

Tawas is available in any sari sari stores or malls while Calamansi is also available in leading Groceries and markets.

Sore Throat Treatment


Is a viral or bacterial infection that resulted to inflammation of the tonsillitis. This infection would result to sore throat and fever. Common symptoms are sore throat, red and/or swollen tonsils, painful or difficult swallowing, cough, fever and chills.

Common treatments are sore throat relief, salt water gargle, lozenges, and warm liquids. There are simple medications that are effective and very easy by using medicinal plants that are commonly found in the table like ginger and garlic. Ginger and garlic are commonly use as spices but very effective also for the treatment of sore throat.

Water treatment

Salt gargle 3 times a day before breakfast, lunch and before going to bed. Just simply add salt to warm water and use it as gargle.

Medicinal Plants

  1. 1.      Ginger

    a. Clean and peel small piece of ginger.

    b. Use the ginger as candy chew it slowly for how minutes and swallow the juice.
  2. 1.      Aloevera leaves

    a. Clean Aloevera leaves cut it into ½ inches and then chew it for the whole day.


3. Garlic

a. Clean and peel small piece of Garlic

b. Use the Ginger as candy chew it slowly for how minutes and swallow the juice.

These are very effective proven and tested for the relief of sore throat.