Thursday, October 20, 2011

Make a Relationship More Romantic by laughing

Laughter is not always "the best medicine". Sometimes, it's just "the best disguise" to hide the pain within.

Laughing is a sign of being happy. Humor has the most unique and powerful ability to cover up other emotions, even when you feel scared or sad.
All of us know that laughter is very good, but we did not know what it can give to our lives. A recent study found out that laughter is very useful to improve the quality of a romantic relationship both of us.

It was found out in the study that the couples who often share laughter will have more satisfaction in their relationship, than to those who prefer remember their own experiences or to share positive stories, but not funny.

Interestingly, the events that are often laughed are sometimes not always positive. So, it could be concluded that the ability to laugh at normal or negative experience can increase the satisfaction of the relationship with feeling happy.
The researchers added that laughing also indicate the energy to improve your physical health. A test performed on a woman who asked to see comedy movies and laughed while watching, have a higher rate of melatonin in their milk. This can help reduce the allergic response and make their babies sleep soundly, Compared to other women's groups who were told to watch news did not experience the same thing.

Having a lot of responsibilities and stress sometimes makes life boring and tedious. Laughing may not be the best medicine, but seem to have a medical advantage that will greatly help us.

Below are simple tips to be able to laugh and maintain the quality of life and having strong relationship with partners.

1.    Watch comedy shows

This is the most famous source of laugh and entertainment same time a form of art that has been done for millions of decades. Choose interesting comedians, movies and act really funny. Also watch your favorite comedy shows on the Internet, books, magazine, comics or live show on stage.

2.    Surround yourself with funny people

In our office working surrounded by funny people will relief stress, and forget time. Find out if you are a person likes to spend time talking about serious matters. There is always time for such discussions. But more than that try to spend time with a friend or family member who see things relaxing and make you laugh.

3.    Entertain yourself

Whenever you have time alone, doing things that can make you laugh. Don't afraid to do things that you were enjoyed most. Do not be shy no one is listening to you! Consider these wise words, "Blessing is if we can laugh at ourselves". As we become older, it's easier to see life too seriously. Think of something that could entertain you, imagine funny stories which you hear or see on television. Anything that can make you laugh, do it!

When we got boring in our daily work we try to stop our work for a moment then do some joke that easily relief our stress for a moment. This thing will make us closer that already lasted more than six years in bonding.

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