Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grow Sweet Potato and Lower Hypertension

Most of us love to eat potato I myself love to eat potato too in fact during my high school life we planted potato in our farmland and we enjoy too much during harvest. I have no knowledge what is the health benefit brought by potato upon eating it. I enjoy eat and I love to eat.
Sweet Potato

Planting potatoes is very simple; it is quite simple as other root crops, just simply cut the vine and sow it into the soil. For the next days you will notice that you will see full grown potatoes full of vines and leaves.

Sweet potatoes can lower our high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and even blood sugar.

Aside from boiling Potato crops for eating Potato leaves can be made salad for our breakfast salad every day. One way of preparing potato salad is cooking vines of potato in microwave oven for 2 minutes and after cooking spray with some sesame seeds and soy sauce as seasoning to make it tastier for our salad. And yes it could be one of the reasons that I maintain normal blood pressure and it's for free.
Sweet Potato Salad

In potato vines you can harvest every 2 to 3 days unlike spinach which planted using seeds and waiting period of two months for harvest though it taste similar to spinach and having comparable nutritional value.

I have friends that like me practice eating potato salad, they conform me that they maintain their blood pressure and lower cholesterol level too. Like me they enjoy eating potatoes too.

By the way you can plant potato in cut plastic bottle either beside your window or door and enjoy free potato salad every morning.


A serving of sweet potatoes contains 327% of our daily need for vitamin A which is more than any other vegetables.

Sweet potatoes are related to the morning glory family and NOT the family of potato.

When we store sweet potatoes in our refrigerator, they will develop a bad taste as cold temperature will turn the starch to a sugar.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and enjoy eating sweet potatoes.

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