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Useful Tip to Help You Stop Overeating and Lose Weight

Cripsy Lechon Baboy

One of the most common problems we have is bad eating habits many of us struggling to overcome it. It is one of the hardest things to achieve. There are many scientific methods to solve it.

In this article we discuss a simple way to help solve bad eating habits. Most of us did not now that chewing overcome bad eating habits. Before meal chewing even chewing gum may help reduce meal intake.

In the first place we must know what things triggers as increase appetite.

It’s either the catching advertisement, smell of foods or food magazines there are many ways to catch our attention that makes us craving for more food.

We have difficulties to refrain from over eating foods like this one if it is in our table.

Lechon baboy

Sweet foods can increase our appetite. Our body condition like stress, lack of sleep, alcohol intake food leaflets, tasty and colorful photos of food advertisements, will lead to increase that results us to eat more and more.

Scientist finally found out that neurotransmitter called histamine that is found in the brain controls the volume of appetite. The histamine that is created within the brain is a special product produced by means of chewing with our teeth and gums.

Few of us still remember that we are told by our grandparents to chew our food properly and slowly for more times. We did not know that this was practiced since our ancestors. As we are kids we did not follow their instruction and we take it for granted without realizing its value.

Make this a habit chew your food slowly and properly for more times. This will not only aid in proper digestion but also lose weight and help prevent eating too much, thus make us healthy all the way.

How a Fruit Diet Can Help Us Lose Weight

Fruit for diet
Many of us thinking of getting slimmer, there are questions of what part of our body we want to trim down. The problem with these is many are trying but most of us fail. But with fruit diet it can be.

In this article we will tell you the successful way to trim down weight with a simple fruit diet.
Loosing 1.5 pounds of weight in one month is reasonable. Aside from that, lowering hypertension and cholesterol levels in the blood are controlled and reduced, certainly sign of excellent results.
In the first place we must know that that obesity and blood cholesterol levels are related with each other, thus we should find way to eradicate these.
If we feel hungry, it means that our stomach is empty or our blood glucose level is low. This making a strong relationship that diet and blood sugar are strongly related.

When we feel hungry, instead of eating anything else, let’s try drinking a few drips of sweet drinks. Amazingly, our hunger will disappear. So therefore we can control our hunger by regulating the glucose amount in our blood.
Most women want to lose weight and lose body fat in only certain part of their body, specifically their belly fat, and fats under the arms and inner thighs. Is there any secret to achieve these?
However, it is proven to be difficult to do that. It's because our body just don’t work that way.
Here are some few tips on how to get rid of our body fat in an orderly manner.
1.    The first thing you should do is to reduce the amount of fat in your liver. The liver controls glucose levels in the blood, so a fatty liver can in fact interfere with your weight loss program because of reduced fat burning and metabolism, so you may want to target that first.
2.    Second is the visceral fat (abdominal fat).
3.    And lastly, the subcutaneous fat (fat underneath the skin).

It is widely known that exercise can help decrease body fats, start building a healthy, fit,   slim body and gives a huge benefit to our entire body.
Losing fat under the arms and legs is time-consuming. If our belly fat is reduced through exercise, it means that the visceral fat is also decreased so 1st is reducing our liver fat and visceral fat.
Exercise is more beneficial if done before meal. It increases blood glucose level, and a higher glucose level in the blood makes us feel full and will reduce our eating habits. Let us always put in our mind that the regulation of our blood sugar level is a key to managing our weight.
Exercise gives us lot of benefits like reduce our unneeded fats, blood glucose and of course, lowers us having diabetes, too.
Many wonder why some people never seem to get fat even though they eat a lot. The answer to this is that most of these people are burning more energy compared to average people. We have different mechanism and construction of the body including our minds. Likewise our mind can control the consumption of energy.
Due to the reduction of blood glucose level normal and healthy people may feel hungry easily. Eating will solve the hungry feeling, and large amounts of insulin will be secreted. This cycle must be adjusted little by little, day by day, and week by week.
We can also try to reduce the amount of meal we take gradually. It is simple to do. But if we cannot control this, we can drink water or tea anytime we feel hungry, or let us eat low-calorie foods or vegetable gelatin or very small amount of chocolate.
Lastly, it is not necessary to choose the kind of fruits we should eat. Let us all remember, we can eat any kinds of fruits. All fruits contain valuable nutrients, and fruits have less harmful calories, which we don’t need to worry.
Losing Weight Is Not Difficult!

But as you’ve probably discovered, most weight loss is temporary at best. That’s because most diets are designed for you to fail.

The people behind them have never worked alongside real people to see what it really takes to make a change.

They don’t know the struggle regular people endure to overcome a lifetime of bad habits and faulty information.

Diet companies and internet marketers only see you as a blip on a sales chart - not a human being.

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How Can We Prevent Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke

We all know that global warming is affecting us today we can now feel extreme heat, as we have notice the heat is every where even during night we cannot avoid too much heat in our environment.

During summer season Heat Stroke is the most common problem we can encounter anytime. Dramatically the number of heat stroke cases is increasing in many countries such as Japan, Italy, France, Brazil and USA. Maybe we can ask if it is the result of the so called Global warming or because of our lifestyle that push us down to become weaker everyday.

Over the internet information about heatstroke is widely spread, some doctors advise to drink a lot of water and take some salt to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.

Maybe correct or wrong but most of the doctors will say it is correct. But to the people who strictly followed this advice may not survive due to some misconception.

The question rises about the misconception. The salt intake is the misconception. It comes from belief that when we sweat heavily and get dehydrated, salt will refinish the lost salt due to the fact that the sweat is salty, which is false.

Dehydration occurs when the “cells” in the body have lack of water, but intake of salt would increase it “in the blood” instead. In reaction to this, the cells will also lose water, making us more dehydrated and it is a common knowledge that drinking seawater will make us more dehydrated.
Due to excessive salt intake many people died of hypertension. Usually, there is enough sodium in our every day meal, thus taking more additional salt will be threat to our health than to have heat stroke.
Many of us know that drinking sports drink will help prevent heat stroke, but there is another way which is better. Drinking milk is better prevention to heat stroke, cows or goat’s milk and yogurt are best in prevention of heat stroke and most of all not salt.

Drink Milk

The Milk can revitalize our body during hot summer and provide good protein. Milk contain albumin which will help maintain water level in our blood and avoid intake of fatty foods during hot summer.

It is advisable to drink bottle of milk before going out and drink another bottle when we are at home. Milk is great and more effective sports recovery drink than water or commercially available expensive sports drink.
So why not drink milk?


Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Secret to Successfully Quit Smoking

The secret to successfully Quit Smoking is to know its content and danger brought to us by smoking.

Thousands of people die each year from cigarette smoking dying 12 years before time. If you want a healthier, longer lasting life, one step to be there is giving up your deadly nicotine habit.

It is not easy to quit smoking quitters take long time to fully quite smoking. A newly discovered, ingenious way to stop smoking is revealed in this article. Read on to learn what the big tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies and therapists around the world don't want you to know.

First you must think about quitting.

Millions of parents still continue to smoke around their children knowing that cigarettes are filled with harmful poisons. Besides the fact that this would be a bad example to children, they still smoke. If the parents smoke most likely their children smoke too when they get older. Chemicals from cigarette smoking linger in the air for hours after a cigarette has been consumed. Even if it can't smell or seen the chemicals stay in the air and poison everyone who inhale it. Children and animals are not exempted from smoke sticks to their fur that they lick clean.

A few of the chemicals added to cigarettes are:

Tar – The same tar used to pave highways. This is the main cause for yellow teeth and fingertips.

Hydrogen Cyanide – This is a chemical used to kill rats. It's also been used in World War 2 as a weapon of mass destruction.

Acetone – This is an ingredient in nail polish remover.

Formaldehyde – This is the stuff used to preserve dead bodies like embalming.

Carbon Monoxide – Car exhaust. Do you really want this in your lungs?

Nicotine –. Chemical addiction. Nicotine has powerful pharmacologic effects (including increased heart rate, heart stroke volume, and oxygen consumption by the heart muscle) as well as powerful psychodynamic effects (such as euphoria, increased alertness, and a sense of relaxation). As is now well known, nicotine is also powerfully addictive.
In reality there are thousands of chemicals found in cigarette smoke, people are inhaling these poisonous chemicals and creating second-hand smoke that is also dangerous for others.
Some facts about smoking:

• Around 5.4 million deaths a year are caused by tobacco.

* Smoking is set to kill 6.5 million people in 2015 and 8.3 million humans in 2030, with the biggest rise in low-and middle-income countries.

* Every 6.5 seconds a current or former smoker dies, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

* An estimated 1.3 billion people are smokers worldwide (WHO).
• Over 443,000 Americans (over 18 percent of all deaths) die because of smoking each year. Secondhand smoke kills about 50,000 of them.

• 1.2 million people in China die because of smoking each year. That's 2,000 people a day.

• Tobacco use will kill 1 billion people in the 21st century if current smoking trends continue.

• 33 percent to 50 percent of all smokers are killed by their habit.

* Smokers die on average 15 years sooner than nonsmokers.

• Between 33 percent and 50 percent of all smokers will die an average of 15 years sooner than nonsmokers, the Tobacco Atlas from the World Lung Foundation and the American Cancer Society believes.

• Around 100 million people died because of tobacco use in the 20th century.

• 10 years of life are robbed from smokers because they die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers. Smoking also steals 10 years of physical functioning in old age (making smokers act really old), according to Live Fast, Die Young, Leave a Good-Looking Corpse by David M. Burns, MD (Archives of Internal Medicine).

• Smoking causes more death and disability than any single disease (World Health Organization).

• A "death clock" now follows the tobacco use death toll since October 1999, just under 40 million and counting. It was set up by the World Health Organization in October 2008.

• 650,000 Europeans die each year from tobacco-related diseases, EU figures reveal.

Now take note on these:

The steps in quitting smoke:

1. Make a list of reasons why you want to become a non smoker.

2. Hang the list on your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder. (The next thing you must do is see yourself never smoking again. Not one cigarette, ever. You must be absolutely serious as you are making a life changing decision on this.)

3. Once you pick the day you choose to start, you must continue to visualize your new life as an ex smoker. (It will be difficult at first).

4. Remove all reminders of cigarettes, ash tray, lighters friends who smoke around you. (Your new action will be researching the effects of cigarettes on the human body.)
5. Use the internet, read some books, look at lots of pictures of lungs and heavy smokers who are using holes in their throats.

It's not easy to break that habit, but not impossible. Lots of people do it every day. You must think, you're going to be changing the chemical in your body and there are some withdrawal effects. In short it is uncomfortable process, to do. Instead of smoking, try to drink lots of bottled water and cranberry juice. Understand why you smoke and what causes you to think about a cigarette. Realize when you’re going through a withdrawal, your body is cleansing itself of nicotine and you are becoming healthier.

What you have read above are tips on how to quit smoking effectively, to have a smoke free life, that you must enjoy for having a healthy life and stay longer.

It is the serious commitment to yourself to stop smoking, that nobody can hold you back is the real solution to stop smoking.

Make a Relationship More Romantic by laughing

Laughter is not always "the best medicine". Sometimes, it's just "the best disguise" to hide the pain within.

Laughing is a sign of being happy. Humor has the most unique and powerful ability to cover up other emotions, even when you feel scared or sad.
All of us know that laughter is very good, but we did not know what it can give to our lives. A recent study found out that laughter is very useful to improve the quality of a romantic relationship both of us.

It was found out in the study that the couples who often share laughter will have more satisfaction in their relationship, than to those who prefer remember their own experiences or to share positive stories, but not funny.

Interestingly, the events that are often laughed are sometimes not always positive. So, it could be concluded that the ability to laugh at normal or negative experience can increase the satisfaction of the relationship with feeling happy.
The researchers added that laughing also indicate the energy to improve your physical health. A test performed on a woman who asked to see comedy movies and laughed while watching, have a higher rate of melatonin in their milk. This can help reduce the allergic response and make their babies sleep soundly, Compared to other women's groups who were told to watch news did not experience the same thing.

Having a lot of responsibilities and stress sometimes makes life boring and tedious. Laughing may not be the best medicine, but seem to have a medical advantage that will greatly help us.

Below are simple tips to be able to laugh and maintain the quality of life and having strong relationship with partners.

1.    Watch comedy shows

This is the most famous source of laugh and entertainment same time a form of art that has been done for millions of decades. Choose interesting comedians, movies and act really funny. Also watch your favorite comedy shows on the Internet, books, magazine, comics or live show on stage.

2.    Surround yourself with funny people

In our office working surrounded by funny people will relief stress, and forget time. Find out if you are a person likes to spend time talking about serious matters. There is always time for such discussions. But more than that try to spend time with a friend or family member who see things relaxing and make you laugh.

3.    Entertain yourself

Whenever you have time alone, doing things that can make you laugh. Don't afraid to do things that you were enjoyed most. Do not be shy no one is listening to you! Consider these wise words, "Blessing is if we can laugh at ourselves". As we become older, it's easier to see life too seriously. Think of something that could entertain you, imagine funny stories which you hear or see on television. Anything that can make you laugh, do it!

When we got boring in our daily work we try to stop our work for a moment then do some joke that easily relief our stress for a moment. This thing will make us closer that already lasted more than six years in bonding.

Studies Reveal Ginger Lowers Colon Cancer Risk

Ginger are usually used as a medicine or seasoning. Ginger is a good spice in culinary, when my mother cook kaldereta she used ginger to remove the foul odor of kambing, the main ingredients in kaldereta recipe. We don't know that Ginger has a very good nutritional value and medicinal effects to both humans and animals.

Now the researchers found that taking ginger supplements can reduce inflammation in the intestine that can cause colon cancer.

A previous research in mice shows that ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory drug. This can prevent the formation of tumors when the animals were exposed to chemicals that cause colon cancer.

Study was conducted by asking 30 healthy people to consume 20 grams of powdered ginger or placebo capsules for a month. The chairman of the research, Prof. Suzanna Zick, stated that "The amount is equal to two tablespoons of powdered ginger root. Maybe it's not the average amount of consumption of people every day. But in India, Philippines, China, and Japan, they consume large amounts every day. "

Tissue samples from the participants were taken before and after the research to find chemicals that cause inflammation of the colon.

"Ginger can reduce inflammation in the intestinal tissue,'' said Prof. Zick. "We know that increased inflammation, chronic inflammation in the intestinal tissue injury is strongly associated with pre-cancer, cancer or polyps," he said.

It's time to add ginger to your dish or take a piece of gingerbread. It is known that ginger can fight cancer.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guava the Best fruit

Guava are abundantly grown in the Philippines and sold in very cheap price that most of us feel of its affordability without thinking its nutritional value that we can get upon eating this fruit.

A series of test in fruits resulted to the discovery that guava is the best food with the highest concentration of antioxidants that protect us against cell damage that makes our skin older and can cause cancer.

Scientists who conducted the study found concentration of antioxidants slightly below 500 milligrams (mg) per 100 grams of guava.

Antioxidants found in Apples are only one quarter of antioxidants in the guava, while bananas contain only small amounts of 30 mg per 100 grams while Watermelon and Pineapple offers less protection against free radicals that cause cellular damage.

Mango has a high content of fructose content having 170 mg of antioxidants, more than three times greater than the papaya while Grapes are three times more beneficial to the body instead of orange.

A study by Dr. Sreeramulu, an endocrinologist, which is published in the journal Food Research International ' Journal will help consumers to have a wise decision in selecting fruits that maximize the use of antioxidants in our body.

He noted that our modern lifestyle stimulates the production of free radicals in the body that damage cell membranes and eventually kills the cells themselves.

Dr. Sreeramulu stressed out, that “Our current life style has increased the exposure to synthetic foods, environmental pollution and stress causes the increase of free radicals. Antioxidants help fight free radicals that prevent cell damage. Cell damages are responsible for causing cancer, aging, cardiovascular disease and degenerative diseases. “

"So far, no study has shown that antioxidants can help heal, but it can help or reduce the risk of cancer.”

His team was surprised, but very pleased to find out that one of the cheapest fruit offers the excellent benefits to health.

"Guava is a rich source of antioxidants source of fiber. This is the fruit of the poor, because it is very cheap," Dr. Sreeramulu added.

Beware of E Coli Bacteria on Cell Phones

E coli
Mobile phones have become part of our daily lives. It is not unusual that many people have all the time, unaware of its potential to prevent disease-causing bacteria.
A studies conducted in the United Kingdom found that one in six mobile phones used in the country was contaminated with the bacterium E. coli.

The Bacterial contamination is believed to be caused by mobile phone user’s bad habits who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom or holding anything else.

Though most respondents said that they have washed their hands with soap or sanitizers after using the bathroom, the results showed nine out of every 10 mobile phones were contaminated with E. coli. Similarly, eight out of 10 of his hands were also contaminated.

"The result of the study shows that many mobile phone users do not wash their hands properly, especially after using the bathroom," said Dr. Val Curtis of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Escherichia coli bacteria in short  E coli bacteria one of the main species of gram-negative bacteria. This bacteria was discovered by Theodor Escherich usually lives in the feces, and can cause human health problem such as diarrhea, vomiting and other digestive problems.

In fact, not all E Coli bacteria are harmful to the human body. There are only certain types of these bacteria that can lead to serious diseases such as the E. coli strain O104: H4 that affect Germany several years, and E. coli strain O157: H7 outbreak 1982 in the United States.

Type O104: H4 is included in the Enterohaemorrhagic  E. coli (EHEC) category, which is the cause of  bloody diarrhea. Even these cases often develop into hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a disease that can cause kidney failure and a variety of other infectious complications.

It is advisable to wash hands after using the toilet and to make it sure always bring hand sanitizer anywhere to avoid E. coli

Monday, October 17, 2011

Poison Tips and Prevention

There are lots of cases in poisoning all over the world from food poisoning or other accidental causes. 

Each year, approximately 2.4 million people more than half under age 6 swallow or have contact with a poisonous substance. As poison prevention, and appropriate, immediate treatment to poison contact or ingestion, are critical to keeping your child safe, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has some important tips. Please feel free to excerpt these tips or use them in their entirety for any print or broadcast story, with acknowledgement of source.

To poison proof your home:

Most poisonings occur when parents or caregivers are home but not paying attention. The most dangerous potential poisons are medicines, cleaning products, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, pesticides, furniture polish, gasoline, kerosene and lamp oil. Be especially vigilant when there is a change in routine. Holidays, visits to and from grandparents' homes, and other special events may bring greater risk of poisoning if the usual safeguards are defeated or not in place. 

  • Store medicine, cleaners, paints/varnishes and pesticides in their original packaging in locked cabinets or containers, out of sight and reach of children.
  • Install a safety latch that locks when you close the door on child-accessible cabinets containing harmful products.
  • Purchase and keep all medicines in containers with safety caps. Discard unused medication.
  • Never refer to medicine as "candy" or another appealing name.

  • Check the label each time you give a child medicine to ensure proper dosage.
  • Never place poisonous products in food or drink containers.
  • Keep coal, wood or kerosene stoves in safe working order.
  • Maintain working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Different types and methods of poisoning require different, immediate treatment:
  • Swallowed poison Remove the item from the child, and have the child spit out any remaining substance. Do not make your child vomit. Do not use syrup of ipecac.
  • Skin poison -- Remove the child's clothes and rinse the skin with lukewarm water for at least 15 minutes.
  • Eye poison -- Flush the child's eye by holding the eyelid open and pouring a steady stream of room temperature water into the inner corner.
  • Poisonous fumes Take the child outside or into fresh air immediately. If the child has stopped breathing, start cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and do not stop until the child breathes on his or her own, or until someone can take over.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
    141 Northwest Point Blvd.
    Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-1098
    United States