Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The unsolved mysteries of Tokay Gecko

Many of us surprised about some stories about Tokay gecko locally known in the Philippines as Toko. Maybe you will laugh when you will heard some people wants to buy this small creature worth thousand or millions of dollars.

Do you know what are the health benefits of tokay? Some people say and claim that Tokay Gecko can cure AIDS. According to World Health Organization (WHO) there is no cure for AIDS as this time. The wild-spread rumor about Tokay’s power of curing Aids is not supported with medical studies. Most people are saying that the Tokay Gecko used in medical studies because of the chemical that may help prevent or cure the spread of HIV. That's the reason the price of the Tokay gecko rise up. But it depends on how heavy this animal, because the bigger, the better it is effective.

Another so called benefit of tokay in medicine is that it has anti-tumor effects. Some experts from China develop drugs for the treatment of tumors from organs of the gecko, because the body is able to suppress the growth and the addition of tumor cells. A team led by a professor in the University of China, shows that the active substance that gecko has improve the immune response of an organism, but also induces tumor cell apoptosis to die naturally and suppress the growth of VEGF bFGF protein and, the factor endowments of developing cancer. Their findings were published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology. Also Tokay Gecko is used effectively as an alternative treatment to remove malignant tumors, especially tumors of the digestive system, ie surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Gecko has anti-tumor effects in vitro and in vivo induction of apoptosis of tumor cells and down-regulation of protein expression of VEGF and bFGF may be contributed to the antitumor effects of Gecko.

Tokay gecko give some used in medicine it has antibodies useful for human beings to neutralize toxins in the body known as an allergy to some of the classification of all types of skin allergies or respiratory allergies such as asthma, hives, scabies, eczema and others. There is Gecko asthma capsule can be taken daily to relieve asthma and cough. Some people also believe that the gecko can cure impotence, improve male sexual function and increase stamina.

In some countries tokay gecko are hunted by villagers to be sold in foreign buyers at a very expensive price. Today the mysteries of tokay gecko is remain unclear.

I have a friend who told me that he has a buyer for tokay gecko but need the minimum requirement of at least 400 grams of weight which is not normal here in our country.

Wow it's 10000 pesos.

Update I contact a person from buy and sell site,
the price in his post are follows:

450g-549g = Php 70,000,000.00

550g-649g = Php 210,000,000.00

650g-749g = Php 280,000,000.00

750g-849g = Php 350,000,000.00

850g-949g = Php 420,000,000.00

950g-1049g= Php 490,000,000.00

1050g or 1.05kg and above = Php 700,000,000.00

I was shocked reading his post

What are your thoughts about these guys? Is it our chance to be a millionaire?


  1. Is this for real? If you could post your sources of these information, it would be of great help. This is interesting.

  2. This very rampant in our place almost all the people are hunting this animals because there are lot of people pose as a buyer ragarding the medicinal value specially being treatment for aids there is no scientific evidence yet

  3. The best people to contact are a company called Tokay Thai. They have been dealing with this Gecko for years

  4. sad to say it is a great violation to our law here in the Philippines and the Government is keep on informing the people that it is all SCAM