Friday, October 28, 2011

How Can We Prevent Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke

We all know that global warming is affecting us today we can now feel extreme heat, as we have notice the heat is every where even during night we cannot avoid too much heat in our environment.

During summer season Heat Stroke is the most common problem we can encounter anytime. Dramatically the number of heat stroke cases is increasing in many countries such as Japan, Italy, France, Brazil and USA. Maybe we can ask if it is the result of the so called Global warming or because of our lifestyle that push us down to become weaker everyday.

Over the internet information about heatstroke is widely spread, some doctors advise to drink a lot of water and take some salt to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.

Maybe correct or wrong but most of the doctors will say it is correct. But to the people who strictly followed this advice may not survive due to some misconception.

The question rises about the misconception. The salt intake is the misconception. It comes from belief that when we sweat heavily and get dehydrated, salt will refinish the lost salt due to the fact that the sweat is salty, which is false.

Dehydration occurs when the “cells” in the body have lack of water, but intake of salt would increase it “in the blood” instead. In reaction to this, the cells will also lose water, making us more dehydrated and it is a common knowledge that drinking seawater will make us more dehydrated.
Due to excessive salt intake many people died of hypertension. Usually, there is enough sodium in our every day meal, thus taking more additional salt will be threat to our health than to have heat stroke.
Many of us know that drinking sports drink will help prevent heat stroke, but there is another way which is better. Drinking milk is better prevention to heat stroke, cows or goat’s milk and yogurt are best in prevention of heat stroke and most of all not salt.

Drink Milk

The Milk can revitalize our body during hot summer and provide good protein. Milk contain albumin which will help maintain water level in our blood and avoid intake of fatty foods during hot summer.

It is advisable to drink bottle of milk before going out and drink another bottle when we are at home. Milk is great and more effective sports recovery drink than water or commercially available expensive sports drink.
So why not drink milk?


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