Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to use Banaba Herb for Diabetes?

Banaba leaves

Banaba medication can be made simple:

Dry Banaba leaves or fruits but do not expose to sunlight

Cut Banaba leaves of fruits into small pieces

Boil the cut Banaba leaves having a ratio of 1 Cup banaba to 2 cups of water

Wait for 30 minutes then strain the fruit and leaves

Drink the Bolied Banaba tea 3 to 5 times daily

Banaba is also famous being use as herbal medicine for the following illness;

•    blood pressure control ,
•    kidney disorders,
•    urinary dysfunctions (helps ease urination) ,
•    controls the cholesterol levels,
•    treatment of diarrhea,
•    facilitates bowel movement
•    treatment of fevers and others.

According to studies Banaba has no known toxic. But if you feel of discomport please stop using Banaba. And the most important thing is before you take Banaba herbal Tea it must be first consulted to doctor.

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