Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eat dragon fruit

Sometimes we don’t like food that has no good taste without looking its health value. One of these foods is the Dragon fruit during my first taste of this fruit it did not give me too much attention due to its tasteless fruit, but after browsing over the web I found some tips about its medicinal and health value.

The dragonfruit is come from Central America. It is abundantly grown in Vietnam, Malaysia, and other places of the world. Dragonfruit or Pitaya fruit is one of the most rich nutrients and wonderful exotic foods. It has a mouth watering sweet taste and great color, shape, and adoring flower. Being a nutritional fruit Dragon fruit is best for all diets it has fiber supplements that are very good for liver and laxative. Some people having obesity, blood pressure and diabetes testified to the fruits benefits. For obese people it reduces weight naturally without health risk.

It is widely known that Dragon fruit poses antioxidants that prevent the formation of free radical that causes cancer.

Eating dragonfruit has great benefit and importance some of its benefits are:

Vitamins C is a very popular treatment for colds and flu’s because it is well known for boosting the immune system.Carotene that help maintain and improve eye sight
Fiber that reduces body fats and enhance digestive system
Vitamin B1, that helps production of energy and metabolize carbohydrates B2 that work as multi vitamin to recover and improve loss appetite and B3, enhance skin and lower bad cholesterol.

• Protein that help body metabolism
• Calcium that makes strong bones and teeth and phosphorous that help in formation of tissue.

Growing dragonfruit need a warm climate. It has a high prospect in growing many people have built trust in this fruit because of its nutritional value and health benefits, some people use this as juice and wine flavorings.

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