Monday, April 18, 2011

Ginger for Motion Sickness Treatment

There are medicines for this, but ginger is far better. Ginger is traditionally used to treat nausea, but also work well against motion sickness.
There are ways on how to use Ginger as treatment first make a Ginger tea, simply slice off a small amount of fresh ginger and put it in hot water for 30 seconds up to several minutes.
Another way is just take a half teaspoon of the fresh ginger and finely dice it with a knife and swallow it whole.
It has worked every time I have had the need for it. It is probably the most consistently effective herbal food that I have seen to work best.
Ginger is very potent, so taste it at regular intervals of about 30 seconds—it can get very strong fast!
To make a tea form dried herb, put about one teaspoon of the herb into a tea strainer and place it in a cup of hot water. Do not add sugar. For needing some sweetness, try a couple of drops of liquid stevia.
Today there are available ginger teas in the market. Every time I traveled with my kids I always bring some ginger or ginger tea.

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