Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cornsilk for your health

corn silk
Cornsilk is very abundant in farmland and people did not care or give attention to these.
It is silky threads that cover the corn. It is said to best when used as fresh, but it is also available in the market in powdered, capsule form or tea extract.

Health Benefits:

·                 Cornsilk juice is a powerful and effective diuretic, effective in all sorts of kidney related problems
·                 help remedy prostate inflammation.
·                 For diuretic effect is also very good for those people suffering from water retention, bloating whether due to kidney problems or PMS.
·                 rich source of vitamin K which makes it useful in controlling bleeding especially during childbirth.
·                 remedy for heart problem.
·                 help children and adults to stop wetting their bed.

It is beneficial in some conditions like gout, cystitis, urethritis, gonorrhea, hardening of the arteries, urinary tract infection, gall bladder Stone, mumps, etc.

Just drink atleast 3 times a day of boiled cornsilk preferably 50g of fresh cornsilk to 1liter of water.
corn silk

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