Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to extract virgin coconut oil in the simplest way

Coconut oil is mainly used in cooking, the discovery of virgin coconut oil boast the coconut industry, in rural areas coconut grown abundantly. Coconut tree has a lot of uses from roots to leaves.

During my younger days my mother teaches me how to extract coconut oil in the simplest way.

·        How To Make Your Virgin Coconut Oil
·        Select only fresh and mature quality coconuts
·        Split coconuts and collect coconut water.
·        Grate coconuts and collect coconut meat

·        Place inside a plastic or aluminum basin

·        Find an ants house and get some soil from it

Actually I did not understand why we did not use ordinary soil. But my mother told me to follow her without any comments. By pressing and mixing the above mixture in a few minutes you will notice clear white substance coming from every press or stroke you have made.

And now you have a clear white and pure coconut oil.

Its true that is the simplest way to extract coconut oil try it in your home. 

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