Monday, April 18, 2011

Treat burn in a simple way

White flour
Our common practice when got burn is to place the affected area with something cold or soak with cold water, some people use vinegar, toothpaste or anything that we learn as cure.

One of the most effective treatments for burn is placing the affected area with ice it will help relieve pain and keep the burn from getting red or blistering effect.

I have a little info to share with you guys about a simple and most effective way to treat burns. Last week when I’m cooking a beef ribs and stuck my fork in the hot boiling water to find out if it got tender, my hands slip in to boiling water. I scream as it is very painful, I remember I have received an email on how to treat burn in a simple way. My mother is keeping a stock of white flour used in cooking. I pulled out a bag of flour and stack my hand in it for ten minutes. Yes I put my hands in flour for ten minutes.

After ten minutes I pulled my hand out from the bag and its miracle I have not even a red mark or blister and absolutely no pain.

Lesson Learn keep a bag of white flour in your home or cars for burn treatment.

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