Saturday, July 7, 2012



Scientific Name: Premna Odorata Blanco
Visaya: Adgaw, Abgaw, Argau, Abgan

Alagaw is a plant that grows in wild, all over the Philippines you can see its abundance. Filipinos use this plant as an alternative medicine, since from ancient times. Folks believe that this plant has miraculous property that has the ability to cure certain illness.

I listed here some its use:

• Rots masticated and saliva   swallowed   for heart trouble.

•  Pultice applied for headache and chest pain

•  Infusion mixed with sugar and kalamansi juice taken for cough and colds

•  Pultice applied for open cuts and cleaning wounds and for ticks and fleas.

•  Fusion taken to expel gas in the intestine

•  Infusion taken for difficult urination

• Decoction used as wash for vaginal irritation

•  Decoction used as aromatic bath and  for bathing infants.

•  Poultice applied for head ache

•  Infusion taken for cough and sore throat ecoction taken for dysentery


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